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Changing your Life using Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a process that can provide real change in a client's life. All too often bankruptcy is viewed as a failure or saying uncle when the creditors apply too much pressure, but bankruptcy can be an empowering process that provides an economical road to real change in a client's life. A bankruptcy is court intervention when a client and their creditors cannot work things out together. The bankruptcy's automatic stay that goes into place the day the bankruptcy if filed and acts to protect the bankruptcy debtor from the efforts of creditors to collect on pre-filing debts, such as foreclosure litigation, garnishment, liens, and collections calls. The protection often provides much needed breathing room for a bankruptcy debtor to make decisions and take inventory of his or her assets, debts, budget, and income.

Bankruptcy can slow down whatever debt collection process is plaguing a client and provide a future free from debt.

Choosing the Right Attorney is Important

Bankruptcy can make life much better through providing a fresh start and relief from a client's debt issues if done correctly, unfortunately if done incorrectly a bankruptcy can make life much worse. This is why it is important to find an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy and can answer your questions about the process. Imagine going to a doctor about a concerning new spot on your shoulder. The doctor meets with you and tells you that he is actually a dentist, but helps patients with skin issues from time to time. Do you feel comfortable moving forward with this doctor? Of course not, so why would you trust a personal injury attorney to help you save your home using the bankruptcy process?

I specialize exclusively in helping clients with debt related issues for over five years. I have helped over a hundred debtors seek relief in either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the bankruptcy process can be the difference between a fresh start and a nightmare.

I am Dedicated to My Clients’ Success

My primary goal is to educate my clients and give them options to a better financial life. Sometimes, my recommendation is that a bankruptcy is not the appropriate step at the time of the consultation. I take pride in what I do and the difference I get to make in people's lives by providing quality, affordable service for clients going through financial distress. I strive to make my clients part of the process. I emphasize that a bankruptcy is a place for me to give advice, guidance, and education, and for the client to make decisions about what is best for their family. I am here and happy to help.